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Writing: Seeking Sanctuary – Ann  Staley 
August 6 — 12

The center of this workshop is Parker Palmer's essay, "Seeking Sanctuary in Our Sacred Spaces." Of course, the Menucha campus is already a sacred place, a sanctuary, during the week we will be there together. But in the larger context, how can one find those spaces when we return to our daily lives. Might it be the corner Starbuck's, the Mexican Restaurant that is open seven days a week and where you encounter a man seriously studying Buddhism and Laotzu? Is it on your morning walk downtown for coffee or at Rick's Place in Monmouth, sandwiches and soups and hot chocolate where your writing group meets every Tuesday? What we know is that we need to recognize and name and find the sacred places where our daily life, the newspaper headlines, and the evening news can be turned into something approachingmaking sense of the world. We will look at poems, essays, fiction, and visual art as we explore together — seeking sanctuary. No class fee.

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