“Thank you so much for your gift of poems. I read it cover to cover and loved it as I knew I would.
Your voice to some shared feelings is comforting. Thank you.”  Janet S

“Just as lotions and fragrances give a sensual delight, a sweet friendship
refreshes the soul.” Proverbs 27:9 Thank you for this class.”   Sue

“Thank you for allowing us to march to our own drum-beat.”
                                                                  Creative Writing Your Way, Lori

“I felt like life was entering me once again. I love your authenticity.”
                                                                           Creative Writing Your Way, Judy

You will always hold a special place in my heart because of your own wonderfulness
and because you helped me to recognize the truth in words.

Thank you so much for two years of wonderful teaching. Your classes have prompted me
to think, wonder, imagine, read, write, and just “be” on a level I couldn’t even imagine.

I love hearing your voice bell forth in the library, the gym, in Room 13…
Joan Flora, English teacher

Ann willingly enters the writer’s world as she listens, then uses words like “delicious."

I want to thank you for opening my eyes (and heart) to writing. I can never forget all that you’ve helped me become.
I will never stop writing!

It is a textbook lesson in master teacher education to watch you conduct a class.                   Nels Thompson, principal

Ann Staley nudged us toward connections, gently urging us toward discoveries all our own.

Know that your lasting legacy in my classroom will be found in the ways (what you’ve taught me) with “my kids.”   
David Dunham, English teacher

Because of you, I found something hidden inside the mysteries in myself!

I have never had a coworker I have respected more than you … you have an incredible ability
to see things that others miss.   
Florence Walraven, Social Studies teacher

You are a jewel and Philomath is so fortunate to have you in their educational arena. 
I know many parents share my thoughts!
Karla Robbins, parent

I’m heading into the first finals week of my college career, and to say that I’m scared to death
would be an enormous understatement.

I want to tell you that my notebook is turning into a graveyard of my words and thoughts…

A to Z, You’re the Best!
Ben N.

I will never forget you or the class. I am so proud to have had the privilege to take a peek at my classmates’ souls.
Gary V.

Reading Primary Sources is a swim in the mysticism of life's details. Whatever form she chooses, from Prose Poems to Ghazals, the reader is washed deep into the spiritual values she finds in her own life interacting with the lives of people around her. These are open poems, finely word-smith for the full range of human strength and weakness, with pointed insights and Damascene edges. She writes from her eyes, to her heart, to the page. Reading her is like talking with the most honest best friend you've never met.

                                                Tim Pfau, writer & teacher


Although our class was a smalll one, it was stunningly wonderful. It was moving, funny, sometimes haunting, with a genuine sense of caring and sharing. Let this be a lesson: some of the most unforgettable things come in small packages.

                                                            Judy, ALL workshop


In Ann's workshops I have been transformed. One of her former students told me, "Ann makes me feel like I can do anything!" And while I haven't totally figured out how she does this, in my mind's eye I can see Ann holding up Life's mirror to each of us, cracked and tarnished as that mirror may be, reminding us who we truly are and who we have been all along. In this School of Alchemy there is no failure, just careful, patient reflection with the guidance from someone who cares.

                                                                                                            Nancy Fischer, colleague


Ann, I feel you pulling us through the texts and into your stories, a sewing together of the reading with the thread of experience. Thank you.

                                                            Judy Teufel, artist, co-teacher


For this glowing, I am grateful, encouraged, made whole. Ann, this last line is a fitting denoument to our class. You have been a wonderful guide through the landscapes of this class. I have enjoyed my time here.

                                    Ron, participant


I appreciate how ou integrate quotes from text within your own commentaries. You bring your references alive while reframing them in your own cadence and vision.  Thank you for modeling various ways to respond to texts.

                                    Alex, participant


Thank you for your stellar annotations — raising the bar for that underappreciated art/response. Thanks, too, for your insights, ideas, and invitations to write.

                                                                                                Eric, participant

Participant writers will talk for years about Ann’s writing prompts and invitations.

Steve Jones, writer and teacher

Anyone who takes a workshop, class, or retreat with Ann will not leave unchanged.
Susan Bucharest, artist, short-short story writer

"Ann is the one who expanded by definition of the essay and showed me
how to quilt together fragments and pieces to make an essay.

Ann is the  one who brought bright, smiling enthusiasm full of adventure
and compassion to our exhausted, week four, group.

Ann is the one who finds abundant creativity in the writings of others.

Ann is the one who taught us a way to essay by bringing three things together,
finding the commonness among them.

Ann is the one who redefined essay, making it a friendlier word and who is
composing an essay from our thoughts.

Ann is the one who nudges us toward connections, gently urging us toward
discoveries all our own.

Ann is the one who willingly enters the authors’s world as she listens to what
we have to say, while using wonder words like 'delicious.' "
                                                                        -Comments from participants in an OWP Essay Workshop

ANN STALEY                     
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